A Ronart Drivers Club tour of Germany at "The Ring" June 2023 - Jurgen Balthaser, Tony Legon

The Ronart Drivers' Club was  formed in March 1993 to promote and support the mutual interest of the  owners and admirers of the beautiful W152, by

  • . Providing a central point of contact for all members, to form a mutual help group
  • . Tracking every car built, with our independent register
  • . Arranging social events for members to meet each other
  • . Giving a forum for Ronart Cars Limited to share new information with owners
  • . Enabling owners to share technical and not-so-technical tips and ideas
  • . Providing a regular Newsletter consolidating all of the above

The Ronart Drivers' Club is for owners and  friends of the Ronart W152, an individualistic British sports car based  upon Jaguar XK or V12 engines and running gear. The W152 is evocative of the Grand Prix racing cars of the 1950's, such as Mercedes &  Vanwall. The Club also encompasses the Ronart Lightning V8, plus owners  of the Vanwall GPR, the Vanwall SR and the Vanwall 58 cars.

A quarterly magazine, Humps  & Pipes, is produced in support of the Club. Like this website, it  is published in the spare time of those who could otherwise be out  driving! It needs the members' input and support in the form of  articles, hints and tips, or editing expertise.

W152 lineup pic