Ronart History

14-11-17 DSC02191

1981  First Ideas of car design

1983 Initial sketches

1984  Purchase of Jaguar 4.2 and V12 cars

1984 Work on prototype Spyder chassis and body jigs

1984  Ronart Cars formed

1985  Premises at Westwood Farm, Peterborough

1985 Prototype Alicat  shown at NEC Classic Car Show

1985 Prototype W152 shown at NEC Classic Car Show

1986  Completed GGW456J (in pic) launched to press

1986  Voted "Best Car of 1986"  Which Kit Magazine

1986  Move to Wulfric Square, Bretton. Peterborough

1987  First production of W152 cars

1988  Exports to Germany, Japan and USA

1992  Move to Westwood Farm

1996  Redesign of W152 into MK2, in house manufacture

1997  Hydrapulse testing of chassis design and suspension

1998  Seatbelt anchorage testing to EU certification

1999  Design and build of Ronart V8 Lightning

1999  Launch V8 at the London International Motor Show

2002  Start of limited production of V8 Lightning

2003  Change of business, V8 Lightning ceased production

2003  W152 manufactured under licence to Vanwall Cars

2013  W152 last car built by Vanwall Cars

2015  W152 with Ronart Cars

2016/2017  W152 Continued manufacture