THE RONART W152 in component form

The W152 was designed in 1985 to specifically recreate the 1950's era of the last of the great front-engined Formula 1 cars. It is not a replica but a truly unique classic design which has been widely accepted in the classic car world, and has gained a superb reputation over the last 30 years.  The car has high performance with compliant suspension and steering combined with excellent engineering giving a unique thrilling experience in driving a classic two seater road/racing car. It is a visually impressive car having the same wheelbase and track as the Jaguar XJS, and a comfortable driving position - a truly unique classic design for the discerning driver.

The W152 has undergone chassis hydrapulse testing and also seatbelt testing to EEC certification standards in the 1990's.  A comprehensive kit is available in two stages, the rolling chassis kit and body/finishing kit. These are based around a Jaguar donor car with various options available including windscreens, tonneau covers, exhausts and left hand drive head fairing options.

The pleasure of building a Ronart is only capped by driving one and you can also join the Ronart Owners Club, who undertake adventurous driving trips both in the UK and abroad.

RONART W152 S6, V12 KIT - For 2019 the kit has become more comprehensive - email for latest list


  • Fully jigged and MIG welded chassis with CDS and ERW tubular backbone chassis. Chassis includes all the predrilled fixing points and fixings for the bodywork, handbrake and cable, fuel pipes, brake pipes, differential mounting, suspension arms, anti-rollbar, radiator, battery tray, earth studs, steering rack and column mounting, seat belt anchorage and rear body roll cage, wing stays


  • The bodywork comprises six GRP sections already aligned and jigged with all fixings ready to be bolted to chassis. The body panels consist of a main monocoque complete with bulkheads and safety rollcage. This steel tubular roll cage is pre-bonded and jigged with the rollover bar integrated within the headrest. This forms part of the rear rollcage structure which extends to provide side impact and front scuttle roll cage protection. The rollcage also provides the outer and upper seatbelt anchorage points. The center monocoque body work is easily fitted by two people within minutes and the remaining panels need not be fitted until towards the end of build allowing for very easy access for building the car. The kit also includes wings and wing stays.

Steering and Suspension

  • Steering Rack, Extension Shaft, Steering Arms & Extensions nickel plated. Springs and Shock Absorbers – adj rate & height, Clamps & Rose Joints. Nickle plated Anti Roll Bar, Radius Arms & Bushes, Rose Joints.

Mounting components

  • Engine Mounting Brackets, Gearbox Mounting Plate, Differential Mounting Components, brackets bushes.


  • Headlamps and Torpedo in chrome finish, Brake/Side/Ind Lights No Plate Assy & Lamp, Wiring Harness complete with connectors, fusebox, relays and terminals, extension looms


  • Kunifer non rust Brake Pipe set complete with fittings, Flexible Stainless Steel Brake Pipe Set, Clutch Pipes. Handbrake Assembly & Cable & Clevis – stainless polished hand cover, Pedal Box Assembly & Pedals, Balance Bar system, Girling Vacuum Servo Unit x 2 Brake & clutch Mast Cyl., Brake & Clutch Remote Reservoirs with IVA switches

Seats & Trim

  • Seat Rear Assembly stitched and trimmed c/w piping, Seat bottoms x 2 trimmed, Stitched Tunnel Cover, headrest, & handbrake trim alloy rings. Dashboard (bare – material provided if required). & alloy Switch Panel 

Cooling System

  • Motorsport Alloy Radiator & radiator framework Assy, Performance Kenlowe Fan with Water Auto Temp Unit,

Fuel System

  • Alloy Fuel Tank, Mounting Straps and fixings, Internal filler cap, Sender Unit plus gaskets, Aston Filler Cap Polished, Fuel Pipe, Clips and Unions


  • Air Intake and side vent stainless grilles preformed, badge, Bonnet Fasteners Assy., Bonnet Hinge & Stay Boot Hinges & Lock

Hardware fixings

  • Various Nuts Bolts and Fasteners that are not direct donor item

Documentation and Help

  • Build manual, Wiring diagrams, Parts List, Kit List, Jaguar suspension and donor parts lists, final build certification, IVA assistance.

RONART W152 A6 or A12 version - A new version of the W152  feature alloy bonnets and bonnet sides with lots of lovely louvres, cockpit bulkhead panels, alloy interior panelwork and alloy wings. These are In keeping with the rolled alloy appearance of the cockpit and the car will look like a full alloy bodied car but at a fraction of the cost.

The additional cost of this aluminium alloy option is 9,965 (no VAT) which at 25% the cost of a full alloy body represents excellent value with quality looks.