Silver red w152 tOBY

W152 S6 is also available in component form for the enthusiast to build

Please email or call for details and price list.

Example specification of a W152 S6 car is as follows:-

  • Bodywork craftsman built in GRP composites comprising 6 main parts
  • 4.2 litre Jaguar 6 cyl engine or Jaguar V12 5.3/6.0
  •   Various manual gearboxesfitted
  •   Twin SU or Triple 2" SU carburrettors with polished alloy cam covers or Weber or Fuel Inj
  • Alloy Radiator 16 fpi high eff. core plus Kenlowe cooling fan auto temp control
  • Twin circuit braking,  twin remote Girling brake servo, brake bias control
  • Silver, chrome or stainless wire wheels, Jag spinners 2 eared or 3 eared
  •   Various tyres fitted, largest being Avon 235 x 15 x 70 profile tyres 
  • Classic smiths style instrumentation, with separate oil, temp, fuel
  •   Lleather or walnut solid dash board
  • Classic toggle switches, lights and indicator/dip switches
  • Leathercloth or leather seats and trim,  Willans four point harness seatbelt   
  • Aero Screens, wrap around screen, chrome racing mirror x 3.
  • Tonneau Cover, split in two halves with Zip fastener
  • MotoLita steering wheels, wood/leather rim, polished alloy spokes.
  • External manifold with Stainless Steel exhaust system
  •    Wide choice of colours

Engine Options:

Straight Six Jaguar XK 4.2 Lire enginewithWeber or  dual/tripleSU carburettors/fuel injectionV12 Jaguar 5.2/6.0 litre with Weber carburettors/fuel inj by throttle bodies