RONART W152 in Component Form  or  FULLY BUILT

The W152 was designed in 1985 to specifically recreate the 1950's era of the last of the great front-engined Formula 1 cars. It is not a replica but a truly unique classic design which has been widely accepted in the classic car world, and has gained a superb reputation over the last 30 years.  The car has high performance with compliant suspension and steering combined with excellent engineering giving a unique thrilling experience in driving a classic two seater road/racing car. It is a visually impressive car having the same wheelbase and track as the Jaguar XJS, and a comfortable driving position - a truly unique classic design for the discerning driver.

The W152 has undergone chassis hydrapulse testing and also seatbelt testing to EEC certification standards in the 1990's.  A comprehensive kit is available in two stages, the rolling chassis kit and body/finishing kit. These are based around a Jaguar donor car with various options available including windscreens, tonneau covers, exhausts and left hand drive head fairing options.

The pleasure of building a Ronart is only capped by driving one and you can also join the Ronart Owners Club, who undertake adventurous driving trips both in the UK and abroad.

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