2024 - RONART W152  S6 & V12

W152 Yellow nose on greem short

The RONART W152 is available in three main forms.....

1.   In component form for the enthusiast to build using Jaguar parts from a donor car. For further details please click HERE .

2.  Part built with completed rolling chassis, steering and axle, with bodywork fitted but requiring engine gearbox and the car completing by the enthusiast.

3. Fully built completed car, IVA registered and ready to drive. For a sample specification and price please click  HERE

The W152 was designed to specifically recreate the 1950's era of the last of the great front-engined Formula 1 cars.

It is not a replica but a truly unique classic design which has been widely accepted in the classic car world, and has gained a superb reputation since designed 40 years ago. Straight six cylinder model or V12 power, LHD or RHD.

The car has high performance with compliant suspension and steering combined with excellent engineering giving a unique thrilling experience in driving a classic two seater road/racing car. It is a visually impressive car having the same wheelbase and track as the Jaguar XJS, and a comfortable driving position - a truly unique classic design for the discerning driver.


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The W152 S6 4.2 Litre at the Nurburgring Nordschleife - June 2023 - Jurgen Balthaser